At Julie Rankin Interiors, we believe strongly in stocking and promoting sustainable products wherever possible. We currently stock three companies with eco-friendly ranges and will be continuing to update our collection as soon as more become available. Please see below or visit us in store for more information on our sustainable collections.

Designer’s Guild are committed to improving sustainability on a company-wide scale. They are continually reviewing the supply chain,have removed single-use plastics across the company as well as ensuring that the majority of their products are recyclable and made from natural fibres. ‘Lisbon’ was launched in Spring 2019 as an entirely recycled fabric collection. The collection uses recycled yarns from the fashion industry to create muted and brightly coloured weaves.

Ian Mankin have released a selection of sustainable fabrics made from recycled fibres, making sure that the manufacturing process is low impact too. The fabrics are muted in tone and contain a wide range of different weaves. 

From the Romo Group, Kirkby have released a broad spectrum of materials for their sustainable range. Using earthy and muted tones, Kirkby are passionate about using eco-friendly processes which reduce the impact on the environment, without compromising on the quality of the products.